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“You came to Planet Earth to find yourself.
Happiness, success and abundance are already yours.

All you need to do is become a master of yourself!”

Dr. Francisco Coll
Founder of Americana Leadership College



Hello and Welcome

In 1982 I discovered a way to increase and consciously cultivate and unfold the innate inner wisdom I have. I learnt how to expand my awareness of the resources available to me as a unique Soul, having a spiritual experience on this planet. I discovered the spiritual and personal development programs founded by Dr. Francisco Coll,  the College he founded now has the world’s most comprehensive library of courses dealing with spiritual development and personal leadership expansion.

The keys to unfoldng inner peace are simple andchakras when understood can be applied in any situation.  As we start to search for answers and we begin to explore our inner world we begin to experience calm where there was turmoil, possibilities open up to us where once we could see no possibility and our sense of personal confidence and success are increased.

Perhaps you have gut feelings that tell you when you are in the right place and time?  Do you feel an inner urging to follow a hunch? Or could it be you are someone that hears that still inner voice. Why does a person's 'aura' attract you?  What about deja vu?  How important are your dreams?

We are all sensitive or psychic however many of us procrastinate or have forgotten how to use our innate insight to help ourselves. If you are looking for inner peace then click on the top link to the left called "Our Story" and read through.  Through this story you will learn things that can help you understand who you are and why you are here......

If you wish to come to an Orientation lecture which gives you a big picture and helps you understand much about our lives then click on the button "Lectures and Workshops" and look for one scheduled near you. We also conduct these on webinars for those who are not near one of our lectures.

I am looking forward to supporting you to unfold your inner peace.

Since 1967 the Americana Leadership College and its community programs, the Inner Peace Movement, Astro Soul, Peace Community Church, Profound Mystical Meditation for the Western Society, and Growing Executives of Tomorrow have been helping people find answers to life's mysteries that always seemed elusive.


These community programs, regional retreats, and national conferences have helped people around the world live affluent lives and improve the quality of their life.

What do you want out of life?    How would you like to improve your success and relationships?    Discover the uniqueness of our 5 community programs.

We have a vast library of seminars that will help you:

  • Experience Guardian Angels in your life
  • Discover the 4 spiritual gifts on Intuition, Vision, Prophecy, and Feeling
  • Learn about your past lifetimes and their impact on today.
  • Unfold a Sea Of Tranquility to reduce stress
  • Release blockages and heal your chakra

Unfold Inner Peace   is proudly an affiliate of the Americana Leadership Collegesm around the world. The Americana Leadership Collegesm   that Dr Francisco Coll founded is called Spiritual Success Programs in Australia.

Unfold Inner Peace has available distance learning through our Home Study Programs. Ask us and we will travel anywhere in the world to share the tools of spiritual freedom.


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